Water Filtration System

Pentair - Fleck Water Filtration System

Pentair water treatment products condition and filter your water to energy-efficient systems that ensure your water pressure is just right. Pentair is also a leading provider of pool and spa equipment enabling you to save on your energy bill while protecting your investment. These are just some of the many ways Pentair Water Solutions improve your home.

Clack corporation Water Filtration System

Manufactures & distributes residential & commercial/industrial water treatment components including: brine tanks, pressure vessels, filtration media, & distributor systems. Clack also manufactures a complete line of drinking water systems, including reverse osmosis and microfiltration technology (ceramic elements).

Clack has become an acknowledged leader in the blow moulding industry by creating innovate solutions with our skilled and experienced staff and state-of-the-art facilities. We strive for the highest quality standards and remain committed to passing competitive prices on to our customers

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